Francis Santa

Grant for Technology Students

Francis Santa

Grant for Technology Students


Boca Raton, Florida

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Our Future Tech Innovators

Mr. Santa is well aware of the financial strain on students who have many years of schooling ahead of them along the road to becoming tech entrepreneurs, and for this reason he wants to reward a star student with $1,000 towards their tuition.

The Francis Santa Grant for Technology Students is currently available to all university students in the United States who aspire to learn how to become tech innovators and work in the field of technology. Along with university students, this scholarship is open to high school students who plan on attending a university with the goal to become a technology student.

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Qualified students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the chance to earn scholarship funding and visit our application page to see all of the details on the application process and enter into our essay contest where we will choose the winner.

Francis Santa understands from his own personal experience that tech students have a difficult road ahead of them. Having had many years of success with his own career, he now wants to pay it forward to the next generation of tech students with this student grant fund.

designing the future

Students today will be the ones designing our future

The tech we use daily

The things we will use daily in the future aren't yet created

tech is a way of life

Tech pioneers have vision and creativity to see what the world needs

Future thinking tech development

Looking ahead and using your skills to fill a need

The Future of Tech

the ideas that change our lives

Mr. Santa is aware of the ways in which the continually rising costs of education, especially for tech schools, put undue pressures on students studying to enter the field of technology.

For this reason, Francis Santa would like to give a funding opportunity to a deserving student with a $1,000 scholarship award. Francis hopes to not only raise awareness about the financial struggles faced by those going through the many years of tech school on the long road to a career in technology, but he also hopes to help out one of our future tech leaders of America through this scholarship.

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Please reach out by filling out the form located on the contact page if you need more information about the scholarship or if you have any other questions and someone will get back to you right away. If you are a part of any universities or organizations that would like to reach out and are hoping to get involved with the scholarship, we welcome you to see how you can help. We wish the best of luck to all of our students with the contest and on your journey to a career in tech!

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